The Gift Of Anal

It’s Valentine’s Day! And loving husband Jessy Jones has made a delicious and nutritious breakfast for his wife Brandy Aniston to eat in bed. But she doesn’t want a stupid breakfast, she wants to go shopping! Jessy begs his ungrateful wife to make love, but after an unenthusiastic handjob, he’s fed up. He vows this will be the last Valentine’s Day they ever spend together. Not wanting to lose her husband, Brandy realizes she has to pull out all the stops to win him back, and one of those stops includes her tight virgin asshole!


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Why Dont You Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Brandy Anistons weakling son is being picked on by Big Bad Bill Bailey, the aggressive bully who lives across the street. One day when her boy comes home with a black eye, Brandy marches over to Bills house and tells him to pick on someone his own size. She tells him that if he wants to take out his aggression on someone, shed gladly have it be her. Ever the sporting brute, Bill accepts Brandy’s challenge and fucks her brains out!


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A Late Night Snack

After a secret rendez-vous with his girlfriend in her parents house, Jesse Jones sneaks into their kitchen for a late night snack. Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriends mother Brandy Aniston is also up late looking for something to put in her mouth. When Brandi discovers the lad raiding her fridge, she decides to take advantage of this golden opportunity to get his stiff righteous cock into her warm wet pussy!


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Fuck Your Bachelorette Party

Abigail Mac is a sexy stripper, just trying to make her money one dollar at a time, when a group of rowdy ladies come in and totally ruin the vibe! When she hears the bachelorette Brandy Aniston brag to her friends about hooking up with girls back in her college days, she decides to show her a thing or two about how the professionals do it! Stripping her out of her party dress, Abigail takes her lapdance to a whole other level by fingering, licking, sucking, and fucking her tight wet pussy! She uses all of her favorite toys, even busting out her strap-on to fuck Brandy’s beautiful butt!


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